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About us

Studio53 is a space for visual and creative people.We have life drawing classes throughout the year.
Exhibitions also take place through the year and the space is for hire to artists, photographers and filmmakers.
We also offer a hanging service, cutrating clients homes and business spaces.


Hire of space

Studio53 is available for hire for exhibitions, photographers shots, rehearsals for actors and band practice – a warm space to focus.


We invite you to come and look at the space and see if it is to your requirements


Studio 53 has been producing and teaching animations for over 14 years know and work along side art centres, theatres   children /adult learning centres


private clients.

Life drawing

We are passionate about life drawing and see it as one of the key foundation for most creative profession 


We run a Thursday evening class all through the year as well as full day classes

We are happy to take bookings for groups as well as individuals


We  curate several exhibiton in the year and we work hard to make everyone a personal experience for the artists take part as well as the public that come to them

Picture Hanging Service

Studio53 has over 10 year of exhibiting and hanging art work of all shapes and sizes. In the last 3 years we have gone beyond the walls of the gallery and started offering a professional service helping our clients hang art, mirrors and 3D works in their private homes


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