About us

Studio53 is a space for visual and creative people. Producing workshops in animation, life drawing, photography and portraiture.

  Exhibitions take place through the year over the course of two weekends.

  artists, photographers and film makers are welcome to hire the space when it is not in use.


Hire of space

When the studio is not being used for exhibitions and classes the space is available for hire


We have worked alongside other artists who have used the space to exhibit their own work

Ideal space for photographers to do studio shots

Actors – a warm space for rehearsals


We invite you to come and look at the space and see if it is to your requirements

Life drawing

We are passionate about life drawing and see it as one of the key foundation for most creative profession 


We run a Thursday evening class all through the year as well as full day classes

We are happy to take bookings for groups as well as individuals


We  curate several exhibiton in the year and we work hard to make everyone a personal experience for the artists take part as well as the public that come to them

On Site Photographer

We have had several photographers who have used and reused the space and found it to be a clean white area, perfect for studio work


Studio 53 has been producing and teaching animations for over 14 years know and work along side art centres, theatres   children /adult learning centres


private clients.

Film Editing service

We offer an pre and post production service.

We like to sit down with the client and talk about what they require and design a visual package that will cover all their needs.