Picture Hanging Service

Studio53 has over 10 years of exhibiting and hanging art works of all shapes and sizes. In the last 3 years we have gone beyond the walls of the gallery and started offering a professional service helping our clients hang art, mirrors and placing 3D works in private homes.

"I have been extremely happy with Matthew’s work. He has put up a lot of pictures for me, in all sorts of condition, on difficult old fashioned walls. He has been quick, efficient and accurate.

I highly recommend”.



"Having just moved into our new home in Salisbury, my husband and I were looking for someone to hang our original artwork.

We contacted Matthew from Studio53, who looked over our pictures, then laid them all out for us, explaining how different pieces could work together. We really appreciated his artistic take on things - and enjoyed seeing cherished works afresh through his expert eyes. He hung our pictures with minimum fuss over a couple of days. A very professional service that left our home looking great!"