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Picture Hanging Service

Studio53 has over 10 years of exhibiting and hanging art works of all shapes and sizes. In the last 3 years we have gone beyond the walls of the gallery and started offering a professional service helping our clients hang art, mirrors and placing 3D works in private homes.


"I have been extremely happy with Matthew’s work. He has put up a lot of pictures for me, in all sorts of condition, on difficult old fashioned walls. He has been quick, efficient and accurate.

I highly recommend”.



Some time ago, I was lucky enough to purchase a beautiful but also rather large and heavy drawing by the wonderful artist John Garbutt.  I needed to hang it in a fairly inaccessible spot.  To do this safely, without injury and so it wouldn’t fall down due to inadequate fixings, was beyond me.  Matthew Dean came very highly recommended.  He arrived swiftly and carried out the work without undue fuss and, as far as I could tell, undue difficulty.  We were delighted with the job he did, which was reasonably priced, and with the fact that this very heavy picture is still safely on our wall!


I would happily recommend Matthew.  He did an excellent job.


Peter Kosminsky 

"Having just moved into our new home in Salisbury, my husband and I were looking for someone to hang our original artwork.

We contacted Matthew from Studio53, who looked over our pictures, then laid them all out for us, explaining how different pieces could work together. We really appreciated his artistic take on things - and enjoyed seeing cherished works afresh through his expert eyes. He hung our pictures with minimum fuss over a couple of days. A very professional service that left our home looking great!"


Matthew Dean of Studio53 came to our rescue and sorted everything out brilliantly.  We had moved into our house after renovations and had a pile of pictures and mirrors large and small which we wanted to hang.  We could not do this ourselves which is where Matthew was so helpful.  He came, and in two days he hung all the pictures we wanted where we wanted them.  

It was so peaceful having Matthew do the hanging as we are sure that we would have had a total collapse if we had had to do it.  He was a lifesaver!


 Caroline. Martin

We recently decided to downsize and once all our possessions had arrived at our new house, I was overwhelmed by all the boxes of paintings, prints and framed photographs that had been put up in our old house over many years.An acquaintance recommended Paul who she said would help me hang all my pictures. Sad to say this was not very successful. Paul just wanted to get the pictures hung as quickly as possible with very little thought as to the end result.
I was not happy at all with the positioning of the pictures and had felt very rushed and stressed during the whole process. Then I was advised to contact Matthew at Studio 53 who arranged to come out for an initial visit.
I was vey apprehensive when he arrived, but he quickly put me at my ease, and we studied all the pictures already hung and lots more that were waiting to be hung. Matthew then arranged a date to come out and spend a day with us rearranging and hanging our pictures. We spent a very pleasant day together where Matthew placed all the pictures where he thought they should go before we looked at them together and I was able to make any changes.

Once all the pictures had been hung, I was extremely happy with their position and how I now felt they were in the right place at last. So, a huge thank you to Matthew for making what could have been a very stressfulexperience into a very enjoyable one. We would recommend Matthew to anyone who needs help with picture hanging.

Suzanne Rebdi

Just before and into the New Year I had the pleasure of curating a collection of works by one artist. A challenge within itself as there was more work than wall space. The clients gave me all most carte blanche to hang.
A joy and delight to work on this and relished the challenge.

Matthew S53

Exhausted by a house move much more strenuous than we had imagined we felt completely overwhelmed by the thought of hanging our much loved art collection. Thank goodness for Matthew who came highly recommended and who diplomatically steered us through what could have been a very stressful project. Working with Matthew over four days, selecting work that was important to us, which told a story, or had special significance, has enabled us to display the collection in a carefully considered and complementary fashion. There were a lot of laughs too and he patiently took on the role of peacemaker as his clients occasionally bickered among themselves! Matthew has enabled us to hang some very large and heavy works (previously not on display) along with work of varying sizes and in different mediums and styles which could sit together surprisingly well. We can now enjoy seeing all the work anew - a real bonus which has given the move real purpose.

Sonia and Anthony

Matthew helped put together a very effective wall hanging of a pretty random selection of art I'd collected over the years, with an excellent eye for picture content, size, frame colour and style, in fact all the important components.  He worked very efficiently and swiftly, and I was extremely pleased with how the result immediately changed the mood of the rooms and enhanced my eclectic collection.  After our initial chat and his probing of what I was hoping to achieve, he just got on with it, no fuss.  He brought with him all materials required.  I'd quite like a rehang sometime, to see how different it might look next time. 


I think it's fascinating how hanging height, alignment, spacing and selection can make a huge difference, hence the advantage of using an experienced gallerist such as Matthew.  Also, in my case, good to keep it local!

Hilary Sharp

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